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Experienced Truck Dispatchers

We have over 5 years of experience in the Trucking dispatch business. Our dispatchers will work hard to find you the best available loads and get you moving. Your dispatcher will be able to assist you either in English or Spanish.

If you’re looking for the best dispatch service for owner-operators & independent truckers, you’ve come to the right place. eDispatching is a professional trucking dispatch provider, serving the continental U.S. & North America. We understand the pain & frustration of many truck drivers & owner operators.

eDispatching is here to serve as an extension of your company. Think of us as your own personal ‘in-house’ dispatcher. You’re the boss (on the road) who calls the shots. We have extensive experience in dispatching trucks for freight of all kinds.

Why do we have the Best Dispatchers?

  • You’re the Boss.

  • No Forced Dispatch.

  • Broker Credit Checks.

  • Setup Paperwork.

  • Email/Fax Documents. 

  • Bilingual Dispatchers – (English or  Spanish).

  • Knowledgeable Dispatchers.

  • Loads for Dry Van, Reefers, Flatbeds and Power Only.

  • Collection Assistance.

  • 24/7 – Dispatch Assistance.

  • Dedicated Personal Dispatcher.

  • Lowest commission rate 5%.

Why eDispatching?


  • We are confident we can beat your current dispatcher in load rates.

  • You can leave anytime you want - no contract.

  • No hidden fees.

  • You only pay for loads you complete.

  • We have loads for all equipment types.

  • We find loads all over the United States.

  • You pick where and when you want to run.

  • You decide how long you stay on the road.

  • We do all your paperwork, you focus on driving.

How does our dispatching service work?

1.   You tell us where and when you want to run.
2.   We inform you of your options.
3.   You choose the load.
4.   We book it and send you the rate confirmation.
5.   Shipper loads freight on your truck.
6.   We provide you with complete routing.
7.   You deliver the load.
8.   Take a good photo of a signed proof of delivery and send to us.
9.   We do your paperwork.
10. You get paid.


Tel: 407-505-1159 | 407-505-1953


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm Eastern Time

(407) 505-1159

Have a question? Give us a call!

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